Tinner Fashion Blog is a product of two best friend's passion for clothing and our desire to expand our knowledge of fashion.

Growing up in a small suburb outside New York City has exposed us to unique people with different styles. Our favorite looks have developed as a result of such exposure and continue to evolve as we embrace new trends and ideas.

Our goal is to share our favorite brands, outfits, and accessories to our followers to help develop their styles - combining chic with preppy, old with new, and inexpensive with expensive. We hope to inspire the creation of timeless ensembles, we strive to stay up to date on the latest trends, and we work to be the first to share new brands and pieces that we love.

For as long as we've been best friends, our pieces have gone back and forth between our closets and now between schools. We both bring different things to Tinner, but together, they make the blog come to life. We continue to inspire each other everyday and we hope to do the same for you!


Linner & Taylor