Welcoming in White

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As we kick off the summer with Memorial Day, we also kick off the beginning of wearing white. Whether it's a white dress like this one from Zara or white jeans, we can't wait to rock each and every one paired with our favorite accessories. This outfit is perfect for a night out in the city. It's elegant yet stylish, and can be complemented by items like this necklace from Citrine and these black heels, also from Zara. The sunglasses pictured below are Triple Graces, a company we love and have featured many times. (They are currently having an amazing deal- three pairs of glasses for $93.33)! Visit the links below to find these items and more.

Shoes (similar-$69.90) || Dress (similar-$298.00)|| Sunglasses ($63.33) ||

Necklace (similar-$120.00)