Jack Rodgers and Jewls

by Tinner in ,

As my friends and I (Lindsay) spent Memorial Day Weekend at my summer place, Fishers Island, I realized that all three girls happen to be wearing Jack Rodger Sandals as we got ready to watch the sunset and go out to dinner. Jack Rodgers are great because they go with pretty much any look, especially in these colors and with fun summer dresses like the ones below.  We decided to add these statement earrings from Bella U Jewelry to add a little something to each look. These earrings are my absolute favorite and always have people complimenting asking where they're from. Bella U has great jewelry at very affordable prices and all different types of styles.  Visit the links below to get each of these pieces!

Sweater ($225.00) || Dress (similar-$88.00) || Sandals ($128.00) || Earrings ($28.00)

Romper ($17.80) || Dress (similar-$54) || Earrings (on girl in white dress-$28.00) || 

Earrings (similar to ones on girl in blue dress-$26.00)