Dorm Room Style

by Tinner in

As we get closer to the inevitable end of summer and the beginning of a new school year, our excitement about school and decorating our new space is overwhelming. Who doesn't want to have the cutest, most comfortable, and practical room? We are two girls who LOVE a comfy bed and cozy room but also love to make it perfect. I (Lindsay) am obsessed with Roberta Roller Rabbit and that obsession carries from my room at home, my rooms at boarding school and now my rooms at college.

I love everything that she has from these bin bags, to her pillows, baby blankets, quilts, and tablecloths (that double as tapestries). With so many different patterns and colors to choose from, Roberta never fails to have the cutest dorm room accessories to complete my room.

I insist on re-decorating at the start of each school year so my pile of Roberta stuff has skyrocketed!

We love mixing Roberta Roller Rabbit with Serena and Lily bedding and Scout bins. The bins are both cute and efficient as they double as a bench in your room and extra storage space. Other great places to find stuff for your dorm room at affordable prices are Target, Home Goods, PB Teen! 

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Scout Bins (starting at $33.00) || Monkey Bin ($55.00) || Tapestry ($95.00) || Quilt ($175.00) || Pillow ($50.00) || Duvet Cover (starting at $180.00)