by Tinner

As New York Fashion week closes, I find myself obsessing over not only what the models are wearing and doing backstage, but also what the fashion editors, bloggers and celebs are wearing to the shows. Each and every morning I've been following 'New York Times Fashion' on Instagram, Altamira NYC and WWD to keep up with all of the amazing madness!

It seems as though there are a few patterns as to what people are wearing. Bold prints and bright colors were paired together to make statement outfits that always seemed to outdo the next. Oversized fur jackets, fur accessories, fur boots, and fur hats, seemed to be a common denominator. Beyond this however, the sunglasses women wore were also pretty consistent. Though mirrored sunglasses were definitely prevalent, they all seemed to have a modest cat-eye shape.

I haven't always been crazy about cat-eye glasses but something about this new, relaxed shape is much more wearable/realistic. Above are a few pictures of ones that I loved. Let us know what you think by commenting below so we can try to post a few affordable options later this week!!