Item of the Week: Women's Nike Suede Blazer Mid Vintage Sneakers

by Tinner

I've come across these Nike suede shoes a few times recently - on Facebook, on Lo Bosworth's the Lo Down and various other Instagram blogs. I know we've stressed how big fashionable sneakers are right now, but these definitely take the cake. Though high tops are often difficult to wear, and sometimes not meant for everyone, when worn with the right pieces they can look SO cool!

The colors right now vary from light and neutral to dark and bold. My favorite color is the ash but they aren't as easy to wear during the Fall. I would, ideally, pair them in the early spring and late summer with white jeans, as I think the beige color looks best against white. That being said, they can certainly be worn with a skinny pair of dark jeans or tuxedo stripe leggings and matched with an all dark outfit.

My favorite outfit would include black pants  and a black tweed jacket, like this one from Zara (I'm obsessed, per usual). For a more relaxed look, try pairing it with these JCrew tuxedo stripe pixie pants and an oversized white blouse. These shoes really can be worn with anything, though, as they are very basic and understated and are undoubtedly worth the $100.

Nike Shoes - JCrew ($100)