Just Keep Swimming. Happy Friday!!

by Tinner in

If you follow any sort of bloggers or even check Instagram regularly, you've probably already seen these Kiini Swimsuits. I first noticed them on the blogs @somethingnavy and Natasha Oakley's @abikiniaday (P.S. Natasha Oakley basically makes a living off of wearing swimsuits so visit her blog or check out abikiniaday.com for swimsuit inspiration).

Regardless, these Kiini crochet bikinis seem to be the hot item this summer and are definitely worth checking out. Although I was hesitant to do a post about them because a full set comes in  around $275, it is a timeless piece that will never go out of style.

Well made, cute bikinis are not cheap and this is no exception. But if you live at the beach all summer and can appreciate a really nice bikini, this swimsuit is perfect for you.

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