Letters by Zoe

by Tinner in

A few days ago Letters by Zoe requested to follow me on Instagram. While I initially didn't think twice about it, I ended up going to the account because something about the name was very intriguing/welcoming/warm. I was completely surprised by the account in the best way possible! All of the pieces have a beautiful, delicate look to them and almost all of them can be personalized in some way to make it that much more special.

I've recently been looking for new rings to add to my wardrobe, as I have found that nice ones (without the crazy price tag) can be very hard to come by. The rings from Letters by Zoe are so so pretty and definitely worth taking a look. (I am also obsessed with all of their gold cuffs and the way they mixed and the way they stacked a few of them together)

Comment below for other great places where you shop for jewelry and new companies we should explore. If you're looking for other options visit Citrine Jewelry's page, as they carry a wide range of highs and lows that make shopping accessible to a variety of different consumers.