Neely by VNB

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This past weekend, Washington and Lee graduate, Neely Burch, debuted Neely by VNB,"a traveling boutique catering to fashion conscious women at rural and suburban colleges" right here on the Washington and Lee campus. Neely made her first stop on their fashion road trip, during which they'll visit UVA, Bucknell, Princeton, Trinity, and a number of other schools along the east coast, selling a variety of shoes, jewelry, and accessories, that Neely and her associates have hand-selected themselves.

Selling online and running out of a beautifully customized airstream, called NEELmobile, Neely and her employees sell a selection of well-known companies such as Tory Burch, Joie, Superga and Chan Luu.  Also on the NEELmobile, will be what I like to call "hidden gem" brands that you wouldn't necessarily see in your typical shopping routine. These brands include Le Spec sunglasses and TAI jewelry.

I bought the Le Spec's pictured above for an affordable price of $69.00 and was pleasantly surprised by the amazing quality!! I also purchased the  Mint and Rose espadrilles (that look just like the Chanel ones) for only $90.00 and I'm OBSESSED, to say the least.

My favorite part of Neely's company, and what I think is one of the many things that make her company objective unique, is the Evie bag. This bag (pictured above) is Neely's first 'Neely by VNB' brand item. The colors are customized to each of the schools they visit (the one above features Generals colors - W&L - of course). A practical size and neutral base color, this bag is perfect as a "backpack" for class or just as an everyday purse.

Not only is Neely by VNB bringing an overwhelming selection of must-have shoes and accessories right to your door-step, I think she is creating something no one has ever done before. It's almost like a fashion blog that's come to life or your Pinterest wish list board parked in your backyard. I think that's why I feel so strongly about Neely's company; she has a lot of the same objectives and goals that we have here at Tinner. We want to introduce brands and trends that we love, like Neely and her employees do when choosing companies and merchandise, while simultaneously offer a enough variety for our viewers to create and define their own personal style. Another important fascet of Neely's company that is similar to what we do at Tinner, is offering a mix of inexpensive and expensive options to let girls our age know, style can not only be easy and fun, but also affordable. 

Like the Neely by VNB Facebook page and visit her website, which will be launched soon, to learn more about Neely and her company! But most importantly, look out for Neely on your college campus or a college campus near you. TRUST ME, you don't want to miss this...