Summer Reds

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It's not everyday that you'll see me in a bright, busy patterned dress. I am usually pretty hesitant about buying things that are not incredibly versatile as I find that it makes my closet feel small/limited. However, when Lindsay's sister let me borrow this new dress of hers to shoot, I realized I need to be more open to some of my purchases.

This, for example, is a dress I probably would have never picked out on my own (if we're being honest). It's like growing up when your mom would tell you to try something you didn't like on the hanger and ended up loving it once you have it on in the dressing room. I'm so glad Hollin encouraged me to wear this for a quick shoot because I honestly think it's one of my favorites from this summer.

In hindsight it would have been better for me to wear it with flats, as the wedges made it a little short on me but in general I usually have to buy tall dresses  because of my height. So don't let the shortness of this fool you -- it is a normal length. Not to mention really pretty, soft (silk), and super easy to just throw on.

Red Dress ($152) || Karen Walker Sunglasses ($250) || Joie Wedges (Old) -- Similar here ($200) and here ($118)

Gold Bar Necklace  ||  Hermes Bracelet 

Essie Nail Polish - Ballet Slippers ($8)