Our Top Ten Picks for Sunny Gs

by Tinner in

First Row (left to right:) Spitfires ($36.00) || Kimonos ($60.00 || Quays ($40.00) ||

Kimonos ($100.00) || Valley Eyewears ($100.00) 

Second Row (left to right:) illestevas ($177.00) || Quays ($35.00) || Karen Walkers ($280.00) || Wildfox Courtures ($179.00) || Kimonos ($60.00)

As spring slowly but surely approaches, sometimes the one accessory that can bring an entire outfit together is your favorite pair of sunglasses. We are recently obsessed with the trend of sunglasses that are little less traditional than the simple tortoise or black Ray Bans.

The hardest part about buying a pair of sunglasses with color or an eccentric shape is that you don't want to spend a lot on a pair you can't wear everyday. Recently, we have discovered a brand called Kimono that has durable but inexpensive, chic glasses that are the perfect buy if you're looking to have a somewhat edgy pair in your back pocket. In addition to the more "out-there" glasses, companies are making those same classic looks but at affordable prices because they are finally realizing people don't always want to spend hundreds on sunglasses when they're easy to lose. 

Click the links above to purchase any of our top ten favorite shades from Revolve and stay tuned for posts of our favorite looks featuring similar glasses!