Romantic Florals

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Hi guys! Let’s talk about trends we’ve seen for a little while- “romantic florals,” open shoulder, high waist jeans and gladiators. They’ve been around for a while and they’re still in -it’s time to invest in them.

The shirt I’m wearing, I immediately fell in love with. I thought it was a really special top and this season I had always admired how special looking floral Zimmermann tops looked, but I never wanted to spend close to $500 on one Zimmermann top. This top was perfect because it had the floral pattern that I wanted and the silhouette that I wanted of the open shoulders and it was the perfect price for me. I got it on sale at Intermix, its Intermix’s exclusive line, and they had so many more floral items I loved at an affordable price.

The Intermix top I’m wearing looks pretty similar to the Zimmermann ones I love, so why is the Intermix one so much less? It’s because it’s Intermix’s exclusive line- they can mark their items lower, while producing items of the same quality because they are selling direct to consumer not wholesale. I highly recommend buying items that are direct to consumer like items from the Intermix exclusive line, “Bop Basics” on Shopbop or Aqua from Bloomingdales.

As for my jeans- I needed a new pair of ripped jeans and figured I’d give high-waisted a try! I’m so happy I did because I now pair them with almost anything; my shorter tops that need to be with a high jean and regular tops that I tuck in or let hang and cover the high waist. Mine are from Revolve, there’s no sale going on with Revolve right now but if you use the code “Tulip” you receive 15% off all merchandise that’s not a best seller or a new arrival.

Stay tuned later this week for my post for Fourth of July weekend essentials! 


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