Sneaker Trend

by Tinner in

It's no secret that sneakers are very in right now but they aren't the everyday sneakers we're used to wearing while we work out. Sneakers have become a designer item, seen in almost every fashion magazine and store today, that are generating significant global profit in the shoe industry.

Why is this item, that was originally intended for comfort and support, at the top of all of our wish lists? Like every trend, some fashion icon or even one of the of the million fashionista commoners (like us) out there, matched a pair of converse or slip-ons with a stylish getup and went with it. Enough people said "huh… that looks pretty cool" and made that outfit something that has fashion blogs, style magazines, and even fashion week, bending over backwards to create note-worthy ensembles paired with high-fashion pair of sneaks.

Now, while the markets have changed and sneakers can cost up to hundreds of dollars, there are still practical, stylish, and chic sneakers available at affordable prices from companies such as Superga, Converse, Vans, and others that make keeping up with this trend easy, affordable and fun.

My grandmother always says Audrey Hepburn's biggest flaw was her huge feet. Maybe that wouldn't have been the case if she switched out her black pumps for a chic pair of supergas...

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