Finding Your Style

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This past Monday Taylor began her internship at Louis Vuitton, in New York City. Finding everyday outfits that are both appropriate for work and stylish can be challenging. Today's ensemble seemed very fitting as it featured two timeless, black pieces and fun jewelry.

However, with the weather still a bit chilly, it seems as though the City hasn't switched gears from black to white. Because this makes finding the appropriate outfit more difficult, it's important to use clothing that is simple and timeless. Always remember that wearing your best clothes to create a good first impression and a positive image is part of the internship experience. Stay updated with our blog to see more work appropriate outfits!

Bag ($49.90) || Midi Rings ($6 per set) || Bracelet ($70) || Shoes (Similar $22.80) || Leather Top (ON SALE! $260) || Skirt ($49.90) || Earrings (FINAL SALE $3.80)