Rainy Day Blues

by Tinner

On days like today, getting out of bed when it's dark and rainy is tough but finding the right outfit can be even more difficult. Putting on an easy Summer dress just doesn't feel right, most shoes would get ruined in the rain, and realistically, all we want to do is put on a pair of comfy sweats and watch a movie under a cozy blanket.

Our simple solution to today's gloom is this t-shirt by Geeta, an Indian-based company. Every so often, we find unique pieces like this that aren't necessarily easy to buy online or find, for that matter. Fortunately, Geeta has a website but this is an important reminder to keep an open mind while shopping and avoid sticking to the same labels -- You never know what you're going to find!

Long Sleeve T-Shirt (Similar $10)|| Bracelets (18 for $28) || Earrings

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