Linner's Abroad Essentials

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As we talked about in 'Neutral Necessities,' when shopping and packing for abroad, it is very important to stick to neutrals and think about how many different ways you could wear a certain item. While having a white skirt or a chic black jacket is critical for creating a variety of outfits, sometimes the most important items to match are the everyday accessories that make a statement while still staying simple. You don't want to bring bright pink supergas or an impractical sequin clutch; you have to think pragmatically about what you are going to get the most use of and how that item can be the staple to each outfit you put together. This is an important fashion lesson in general, not just for abroad, and is a good way to save money because neutrals are great and LESS IS MORE, people! :) 

ASHA Necklace ($350.00) || Neely Bag ($70.00) || Joie Shoes ($125.00) || Tory Burch Bag ($295.00) || Steve Madden Heels ($109.95) || Herschel Duffle ($74.99) || Supergas ($65.00) || La Mer Watch ($125.00) || Karen Walker Sunglasses ($220.00) || Adia Kibur ($50.00) || Sam Edelman Flats ($100.00) || House of Harlow Earrings ($30.00) || Mr. Parker Backpack ($395.00) || Michael Kors Wedges ($350) || Kendra Scott Ring Set ($70.00)