We back!

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Tinner has taken a short hiatus the last few weeks but we're back and can't wait to have another great year! After having reached our goal for 2014, we are excited/eager to start 2015 with a great list of new ideas and goals!

We figured now that people are back at school from Winter break there are typically a number of exciting socials and events to get new outfits for! A little guidance from Tinner is the perfect solution for those that don't have enough time to look! While we never fail to find a good formal dress on Revolve or Shopbop, such sites are not always economically practical. Thus, we are huge fans of renting amazing, designer dresses for affordable prices from Rent the Runway. Rent the Runway sends you two sizes, of whatever dress you choose, with a  prepaid package to easily return the dress when you're done. We recommend going to Rent the Runway first before splurging on an expensive dress, as it is a simple and easy solution to cutting back on spending.

We are SO happy to be back and look forward to another great year at Tinner!


Tay and Linner

Amanda Uprichard Dress ($282.00) || Rent the Runway Body Con ($30 rental) ||

Indah Mini Dress ($207.00) || Rent the Runway Body Con ($75 rental) ||

Mara Hoffman Dress ($176.00) || Rent the Runway Body Con ($30 rental)||

TFNC Tutu Dress ($125.00) || Parker Dress ($396.00)