From Nantucket to Virginia...

by Tinner

While living on Nantucket this summer, I've been exposed to a number of different stores and styles that simultaneously expanded my personal taste/fashion sense and broke the bank (a.k.a. spent all of my weekly pay checks). The boots below, which are sold at the store where I work, Vis-a-Vis, are a new addition to my closet and a new obsession. You can never have too many boots at a Southern school, especially cowboy boots, as they will come in handy for both class and a lil' swing dancing at night! Also new to my closet are these layer necklaces and Forever21 dress (both affordable and versatile).

This jacket, however, was the reason this outfit was so fun. Aside from Vis-a-Vis, I also work for Vanessa Fox at a pop up store at Town Pool on the Old South Wharf. While working, I got to wear one of these specially made jackets. Needless to say, I'm obsessed! Vanessa also sells adorable men's and kid's bathing suits and has a selection of beautiful dresses. Visit her site through the link of the jacket to learn more about her and her business!

xoxo Linner

Boots ($245.00) || Jacket ($595.00) || Necklace (similar-$98.00) || Dress (similar- $29.80) || Bracelets (18 for $28.00)